Our Approach

Our Vision

To reduce Austin's carbon footprint by providing professional no emission lawn service. Our goal is to provide our community with lawn care with our environment in mind to ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come. Green Earth Conservation Lawns use all electric equipment that will reduce pollutants in our air and water caused by spills and gas equipment usage. A combination of heat and sunlight trigger a chemical reaction between these emissions, transforming them into ozone. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment and your community.


Our Story

Meet the Team

Barry and Krystle Fassauer, owners of Green Earth Conservation Lawns, have dedicated their life’s work to reducing emission and pollution.  We take an environmentally conscious approach to all choices in our life to ensure future generations are able to enjoy clean air and water.

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Stand up Lithium Powered Commercial Mower


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The Fassauer Family

Owners of Green Earth Conservation Lawns. Dedicated to reducing your carbon footprint with electric lawn care.

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(Solar Assisted Mowing)

Renewable solar energy provides an opportunity to reduce pollution of our air and water by replacing gas and fossil fuels.

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