All Electric Lawn Care Services

Commercial Lithium-ion Technology Battery used in all our equipment

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Chainsaw
  • Hedge Trimmer/Extended Reach Hedge Trimming

Organic Fertilizing

Organic Fertilizing is Economical and Preferred Chemical fertilizers interrupt the natural nutrient exchange between soil, soil microbes, and plant roots. This creates a dependency, whereby plants soon require near-constant feeding. The result is a gradual degradation of soil and plant health, making plants vulnerable to diseases and pests. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, feed the soil microbes which in turn feed the plants. This is a natural, self-sustaining system. Over time, the organic method is cheaper than using chemicals because fewer applications are needed. In addition, gardeners are less likely to spend money on products to control pests and diseases.

All Electric Power Washing

Our Electric pressure washing is quieter, and Environmentally Friendly